My name is Stephanie and I am a certified yoga teacher who has been practicing since 1996. I offer private and small group yoga classes to locals as well as travelers and business people who would like to keep up their practice while away from home.

My teaching combines flowing movement and strength building poses. Classes generally include a gentle warm up, heat building vinyasa, balancing poses and a relaxing finish. Individualized sequences are available upon request. Some popular sequences include:

Yoga for travelers:
Focuses on the neck, shoulders, lower back and hamstrings. All the areas that are most affected by long travel, sitting, lifting, carrying luggage and generally rushing about. Feel like new and get ready to enjoy your stay.

Revitalizing Yoga:
Features energizing poses that help you feel fully awake.

Yoga for a good night’s sleep:
Deeply restorative poses to help you wind down so you can blissfully drift off to sleep.

Tension Tamer: A combination of power and repose. We will build heat and then let it all go so that any tension stored in the muscles simply melts away. Mindfulness and breathing practices wrap up the experience to ease the mental stress stuff as well.


Questions? The best way to contact me to is through facebook.