A dream : Keeping Bees

One of my dreams is to keep bees. Even though as a child I accidentally disturbed a hive and was stung by the swarm of bees that flew out in full defense mode, I am not afraid of bees. For me, bee keeping is a sweet way to make a positive impact on the environment. I try to avoid things that damage the environment, but what am I actually contributing? I’d like to contribute bees. Plus, there is the whole honey thing that I must admit is pretty amazing.

So as I think about keeping bees (which is on hold until my nomadic life settles somewhere bee friendly) I like to gather information. I hope to take a course and just learn more in general. And as is usually the case when you focus on something, it starts to appear everywhere. Here is some of the cool bee-related news that I think you will like.

First, this amazing video. I’m hard pressed to find a time-lapse video that doesn’t fill me with awe, but really, this is one made my jaw drop.

Did you know that Morgan Freeman recently became a beekeeper? What a cool thing for a celebrity to do.

Finally, at the park the other day this dad told me about an invention for gathering honey with minimal disturbance to the hive. I was so excited after watching the video, that I almost ordered one immediately. I’m still tempted actually.

Do you keep bees? Do you have any advice or recommendations for me? Hope you have a wonderful day.

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    1. Oh I am sorry to hear that about your son, Cat. You are smart to not take any chances. I am sure another great project idea has already sprouted up to replace that one though 🙂

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