Eating out : Café Babylone

A few weeks ago we set out to try Cafe Babylon in Québec City.
I love these relaxed kind of cafés that make you feel right at ease and as though you could just spend hours there chatting with friends and sampling the menu of lovingly prepared food.

We ate these delicious mushroom, spinach, goat cheese, red onion sandwiches –I always kinda want a panini press after eating something so crisp and pretty.


I also tried corn tortilla chips with hummus. I have never had that combination before and I was surprised that it was pretty good.

We listened to our friend play music. The singer had an amazing voice and sang in Greek. Everyone clapped and cheered when it was announced that one of the musicians wasn’t there because his wife gave birth the night before (two weeks earlier than expected!) to a lovely baby girl– so naturally he had to race to Montreal to be with them!


Live music, good food, tasty beer for us and fresh orange juice for the kids. It was a good day. I am especially happy that cafés in Québec are making great efforts to offer interesting, delicious and even surprising vegetarian food.

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