Cute cat sleeping

This winter is making me feel like this!


This is Ammu my beautiful apple head blue point Siamese mix. Adopted from a shelter and so loving.

Anyway, stay warm, keep away from snowpocalypse, wear a hat, don’t be afraid to nap.

The frigid temps have me firing up the ovens. I posted three cookie recipes in a row, doh!


My husband and I have a joke about household chores you don’t mind during winter. The list includes: folding warm laundry, doing the dishes, emptying the still steaming hot dishwasher, giving the kids a bath in a sauna-like atmosphere….you get the picture. All these things are fleeting and so is winter, thank goodness!

Winter reminds us to eat warm food, prepared with love. Which reminds me. Have a Happy Valentines’s Day, loves!


What do you do when the weather gets extreme?

Be well my friends!

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