Kids in the kitchen

Cooking is one of the few things my kids actually want to help me with. They are eager, curious, enthusiastic. Mostly about cookies, but other things too.

Some of the aspects we consider unpleasant or tedious are novel and interesting to kids.

Sometimes we underestimate their capabilities or willingness to help.

Kids can: {And this is just a small sample of things}

peel carrots
cut soft fruits and veggies
measure herbs and spices
knead dough
shell peas
assemble sandwiches
put toppings on pizza

They can get messy, explore, taste, develop their motor skills, try things, tell you about their day. Learn about food, share, express opinions and make discoveries. Give their input and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

And that’s what cooking is mostly about, really.

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  • Having kids feel welcome to participate in the kitchen also lets them view cooking as fun, not a chore.

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