Vegetarian Pantry Basics

Happy New Year!  I hope you have some high hopes for this year.  I hope you feel optimism and inspiration.  I hope you commit to doing something meaningful for yourself and for others and find things that make you feel good.

Rather than bolt out of the starting gate on Jan 1st, I like to spend the first few weeks of the New Year taking stock, cleaning up, clearing out and basically preparing for new projects.

And naturally this includes clearing out the old pantry!

And so I made you something: Vegetarian Pantry Basics.  It’s my list of pantry staples, and you can download it here.  I try to use up dried goods each month before buying more to insure optimal freshness.  In the printout, I give a general category and some suggestions based on my essentials.  As much as you can choose high quality, local and organic.  But don’t get down on yourself if you can’t always swing it.

olive oil
vegetable oil
coconut oil
soy sauce or tamari (which is gluten free!)
brown rice
whole grain pasta
dried beans
whole grain flours
baking soda and baking soda
canned whole tomatoes
herbs & spices
raw nuts & seeds
nutritional yeast
fruits and veggies that store well:
apples, oranges, carrots and potatoes
lemons and limes

So take some time this week, check out what’s in your pantry, get rid of anything that’s expired, use up opened stuff before it goes bad, and then stock up on what you’re missing from the Vegetarian Pantry Basics list.

Happy New Year and I am really looking forward to sharing new recipes with you!

Leave a comment and let me know about your pantry essentials.

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