Today I liked…Persimmons

Today I liked…Persimmons!
I read this great post about persimmons that perfectly sums up my experience, and I vowed I’d buy a box next time I went to the supermarket.

Well a month passed and I finally did it.  I was very suspicious of the “ready to eat” claim on the stickers, but washed the fruit, sliced off the top, cut it in wedges and bit in.  Wow, totally good!
I don’t really know why I had an aversion to these lovely fruits, but now I want to make up for lost time and start adding them to more dishes.
Do you have any fruits or veggies you look at but never buy?  Why not go ahead and try something new?  You might be in for a great surprise!


And if you have a persimmons recipe please leave a comment or a link below!



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