Welcome!  I’m Steph and I’m here to help you indulge in your vegetarian tendencies: the irresistible desire to make delicious, satisfying, vegetarian meals, some days or everyday.

Some features of this site include:

Planning vegetarian meals (how to go from “where’s the beef?” to “more of that, please!”)

Mastering quick, go-to meals to enjoy after a long day or any day

Cooking with kids because it’s important but not easy

Fresh ideas to change up dinner w/o breaking the bank at the grocery store


How to get the most out of this site:

Please trust your instincts when it comes to seasonings, spices, sugar and fat.

Also, don’t slavishly follow these recipes to the letter. Play. Stand up and say: I want more of that. Or no that’s not quite right for me.

Cooking is collaboration. So please add your awesomeness to the pot.  I love to hear how you altered a recipe.  Take my ideas and run away with them!





Here’s a picture of my kitchen, my favorite room in the house!


My kitchen