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Stephanie Michelet


Hi, I’m Steph.  I’m the jerk who buys tofu, tempeh and ground beef at the grocery store. I have strong opinions about what I eat but don’t like to dictate to others because I figure we are all trying our best. I believe in education over abstinence and that truly understanding yourself and what you want out of life trumps all.

Mostly I love cooking. But I like dabbling in all kinds of creative things. It took me a long time to realize that there are certain things that I love the whole process of beginning, middle and end (cooking) and things that I love the idea of, suffer terribly during the process and then feel mixed about the results (sewing and other activities that don’t let you to eat the results).

Even though it’s hard, I think a full rich life needs a bit of both. The comfort of an internal spring of inspiration, ease and satisfaction and the struggle and vulnerability of trying things that are uncomfortable, or confusing, and stretch your limits, ultimately being brave enough to let go of familiarity in order to learn about yourself and how you do things.

I write mostly about something that comes easily to me Food (cooking, loving, eating, sharing, photographing, and celebrating) and somethings that I have romantic ideas about but a much harder time actually doing but want to get better at.

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